Reports and research

Many people have thought been thinking about perceptions of engineers and engineering.  Below are some of the examples of the research that has been published on this topic:

Clark, R., and Andrews, J. (2010). ‘Catching them Young’ –  Inspiring Future Engineers: An Exploratory Study.

IET (2015). Inspiring the next generation of engineers: Understanding the perceptions of engineering that parents and young people have today and how we can change them, The Institution of Engineering and Technology. 

IMechE (2016). Big Ideas: The Future of Engineering in Schools, Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Malpas, R. (2000) ‘The universe of engineering: A UK perspective’. Royal Academy of Engineering/Engineering Council.

Morgan, R. (2014). ‘The universe of engineering: A call to action’. Royal Academy of Engineering.

Lucas, W. and G. Hanson (2014). Thinking like an engineer: Implications for the education system. London UK, Royal Academy of Engineering.

National Academy of Engineering (2013). Changing the conversation: From Research to Action.

Perkins, J. (2013). Review of Engineering Skills, Department of Business, Innovation and Skills.

RAEng Jobs and growth: the importance of engineering skills to the UK economy (2012). 

Weber, N., D. Duncan, M. Dyehouse, J. Strobel, H. Diefes-Dux (2011). The Development of a Systematic Coding System for Elementary Students’ Drawings of Engineers.

Wright, M. (2014). Making the UK a Globally Competitive Investment Environment. The Wright Review of advanced manufacturing in the UK and its supply chain.


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