For parents

Below is a selection of resources that may be helpful if you want to encourage children to take an interest in engineering. There are also great magazines (on-line and in print) like How It Works, Focus, and Wired that provide an accessible route to information on science, technology and engineering.

Born to Engineer has a load of resources and some great  videos (‘Were you born to engineer?‘) showing all the different types of things engineers do.

Tomorrow’s Engineers: “Engineering is a key part of a range of industries, including music, TV and film, construction, transport, cosmetics, medicine, food, fashion and much more. Tomorrow’s Engineers gives you all the information you need to make wise choices about your future.” Careers advice section at

Headstart: Provides a range of programmes to help you learn about and experience first-hand what science, technology, engineering and maths is really all about. Includes programmes specifically designed for girls.

Young Engineers: “The Club Network supports the setting up of extra-curricular engineering clubs and enriches the activities of existing clubs.  If you run, or want to run, any kind of extra-curricular engineering related activities, you are eligible to join our network!”

Imagineering: The Imagineering Foundation introduces 8-16 year olds to the fascinating world of engineering and technology through fun, hands-on activities. has lots of free tools and its own video channel, with an extensive engineering library and directories.

James Dyson Foundation: “The James Dyson Foundation encourages young people to think differently, make mistakes and invent. Design engineering is part of our DNA. We’re all inventors – summer holidays spent building dams; your solution to batteries falling out of the remote. Fundamentally, everything we use has been crafted, agonised over and produced by our design engineering ancestors and contemporaries. Explore; use this site to discover our design heroes, find out how to design things that work and use our resources in the classroom.”

Smallpeice Trust: “An independent educational charity that runs hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) activities and exciting engineering courses for pupils in Years 6-12.” Great resources for parents and teachers who want to show how exciting and diverse careers in engineering can be.

Greenpower – Inspiring engineers: Promoting sustainable engineering to young people. “Greenpower Education Trust promotes sustainable engineering as a rewarding career to anyone aged 9-25, while also focusing on teamwork, linking industry with educational institutions and involving the community. The Trust works with over 500 schools across the UK and runs 27 events annually.”


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