Videos from 19th March Science Festival talk on “Manufacturing Your Future”

Many thanks to all those who came along today’s events at the Institute for Manufacturing. As promised, here are the links to all the videos shown, plus some we didn’t have time to show. If you’d like to discuss one of us coming along to give a talk at your school, please email

Carbon3D superfast 3D printing

Emma and her 3D printed ‘Magic Arms’

Local Motors 3D printed car

MakerBot and the ‘Robohand’

Building a skyscraper in 30 days

Subtractive process: CNC milling of aluminium

Additive process: 3D printing

Forming: making a car door

Rolls-Royce: blade-off test

Roma Agrawal: structural engineer at WSP

Tim Peake plays water ping-pong in space .. plus bubbles in bubbles!

Making a smartphone

SpaceX Falcon 9 launch

SpaceX failed landing

SpaceX successful landing 

Cambridge University Eco Racing

Building an Airbus A380 in 7 minutes



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