3 thoughts on “Is there a need for a book about what engineers really do?”

  1. Fantastic lecture by Tim at HAY Festival — very inspiring and encouraging — yes a book aimed especially at parents/ teachers but must be one that young people can also read. Should be complemented by other media — video, DVD — and be as participative as poss viz Tim’s brilliant use of youngsters to construct helipad at HAY

    1. I thought that Tim’s talk at Hay was very good too. I thought it would be too simple for me, as it was aimed at teenagers, but I found it interesting and entertaining, despite the fact that I am an engineer. School children need to know more about what engineers do so that they can make a sensible career choice. This is true for other professions too but many kids still think that enginnering is about fixing cars.

  2. Yes, a handbook for parents and teachers to help them give informed guidance to children choosing options/courses/careers. And yes, a book for children to engage them in the excitement of engineering, invention and problem solving. Could lead to a light at the end of this tunnel of depression?

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