IfM Cambridge Science Festival talk – extra stuff to watch on-line

For those who came along to my Science Festival talk at the Institute for Manufacturing, here are the links to some of the videos I mentioned (there are also more videos at

Jet engine ‘blade off’ test

Objet 3D printer

How ‘Makerbot’ works

Sinclair C5 TV advert

Tacengineering-superheroes_white-background.jpgoma Narrows bridge collapse

X-Prize introduction

Building a 15-storey hotel in 2 days

Building the ‘Shard’


3D printing – the future has arrived …

3D printing is amazing.  If you want to read about what 3D printing is, and how it can be used, we’ve put together a list of interesting stuff to read / watch at  Two really interesting sites worth a look at are Shapeways (where you email them a design, and they will print and ship your 3D printed object back to you) and MakerBot, especially this