From Rolls-Royce: A Glimpse of the Future

From Rolls-Royce and National STEM Centre: “In this video, from Rolls-Royce, students can see what it is like to work in a company that develops and manufactures high technology products. The video includes comments and descriptions from a group of young people visiting Rolls-Royce.

The video includes sections on:
• The manufacture of hollow titanium fan blades which are used in aeroplane jet engines.
• The assembly floor for the Trent 1000 jet engine in Derby.
• The Services Operations Centre which monitors the performance of thousands of jet engines in flight all around the world.
• The Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, based at the University of Sheffield, where Rolls-Royce works in collaboration to develop new high technology manufacturing processes.
• Materials Solutions, one of the 8,000 companies which supply Rolls-Royce.

The video is an excellent way to illustrate just some of the career opportunities in a high technology engineering company.”

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