Space Shuttle: a video history

An amazing video summarising the whole 30-year history of NASA’s Space Shuttle (or to give it the proper title, the ‘Space Transportation System (STS) Program’).

“It’s not what it is, it’s how it’s made”

Ben Collette’s ‘Product by Process’ website has a fantastic collection of videos showing how different things are made, from bicycles to boots, mobile phones to massive jets.  There is also a great index of all the different ways of making things, and examples of how these processes are actually used.


From Rolls-Royce: A Glimpse of the Future

From Rolls-Royce and National STEM Centre: “In this video, from Rolls-Royce, students can see what it is like to work in a company that develops and manufactures high technology products. The video includes comments and descriptions from a group of young people visiting Rolls-Royce.

The video includes sections on:
• The manufacture of hollow titanium fan blades which are used in aeroplane jet engines.
• The assembly floor for the Trent 1000 jet engine in Derby.
• The Services Operations Centre which monitors the performance of thousands of jet engines in flight all around the world.
• The Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, based at the University of Sheffield, where Rolls-Royce works in collaboration to develop new high technology manufacturing processes.
• Materials Solutions, one of the 8,000 companies which supply Rolls-Royce.

The video is an excellent way to illustrate just some of the career opportunities in a high technology engineering company.”

What do different types of engineers do?

If you’ve ever wondered what different types of engineers do, this listing from the US website gives some useful info (you’ll need to scroll down past the company info).

And now, a YouTube channel for this blog ..

We’ve set up a YouTube channel for this blog with videos that relate to all the things we talk about in this blog. At we’ve added playlists on amazing flying things, eye-popping visions of the future, and extraordinary ways of making new products.  If you’ve got any suggestions for things we should be adding, just add a comment.