Some favourite engineering-related videos …

Here’s a selection of clips that people have sent in that are amazing, inspiring and/or funny:

Building an Airbus A380 in 7 minutes

Making a Brompton folding bicycle

HTC EVO 4G mobile phone

How to build an interactive whiteboard + 3D viewer for $40

Quadrocopter Ball Juggling

Rube Goldberg Machine (video for OK Go – This Too Shall Pass)

How MacBooks are made

Building a Boeing 777

And if you have any favourites you’d like to add, please leave a comment + link.


What can you suggest to a child who is interested in engineering?

I gave a talk before Christmas entitled ‘Never tell an engineer it can’t be done” as part of the Marshalls Holiday Lectures. At the end of the talk, a parent approached me with an interesting question: “If my children are interested in sports or music, they can join a team, or club, or group.  But where can they go if they are interested in engineering?”  I was a bit stumped for an answer, so I thought I’d open this question to a wider audience.  If you have any ideas, please add them as a comment below.

12 predictions for 2012 from NESTA: takeoff of 3D printing (finally..), frugal innovation, Internet of things,..

NESTA have published their list of 12 things that are likely to take-off in 2012:

1. Innovation for frugality – This year innovators will become thriftier

2. Raspberry Pi and the rise of the cheap computer – We’ll see a return to home programming

3. Massively connected – The Internet of Things will come of age

4. Healthy appetite for tech – Our approach to health will become more like a running club

5. The rise of the new reporter – Data journalism will defy the decline of the printed press

6. Your mobile wallet – Technology enabling our phones to act as mobile wallets will finally break through

7. Seeing the impact in impact investing – The impact investment industry will step up a gear

8. The death and life of great public servants – A growing movement of leaders will challenge the separation of public and private sectors

9. 3D printing – The next Industrial Revolution will continue to pick up steam

10. Educated gamers – Next Christmas the games will be much more serious

11. The year of the crowdfunder – 2012 will prove an important year for the evolution of business funding

12. Outside the Box – Next year we’ll see a seismic shift in how we understand, view and make television