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Acts like a variation on the dancing flower (see here) from many moons ago, but apparently came from a different idea altogether- “an interactive dancing robot designed by scientists to help therapists improve the social development of autistic children” [Found at the Telegraph online]

Apparently this is set to be a Christmas blockbuster, retailing at around £25 rather than the cool £20k of the original!

Real world reactive cartoons

Scientists have developed an interactive projector which can beam animations onto any surface and interact with what they find. Via New Scientist

Amazing walking junk-built ‘bot


Amazing video of the Togolese student who designed and built a walking robot from spare parts, in a bid to inspire fellow students and school children. Via BotJunkie

Watt on earth

Channel 4 News report on how the 18th Century polymath James Watt may have invented the 3D printer 200 years ago and the steam turbine which is now an integral part of most of the world’s power plants.


Cubelet bots as teaching tool

Cubelets Engineering Prototypes from eric schweikardt on Vimeo.